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Paranormal Investigations

Flint Hills Paranormal Services

Investigations & Advice

We have professional, experienced paranormal investigators who will help businesses and individual home owners with any issue that they believe are paranormal, in a confidential and respectful manner. There are never any charges for these investigations, referrals or for any advice offered to assist a client.


Our experienced investigators are always willing to help with consultations of paranormal activity in a confidential and respectful manner, for businesses, individuals or with other paranormal groups and organization.

Clearing Services

Using a variety of techniques (i.e. smudging, salt, Holy Water, etc.), our experienced investigators will attempt to clear negative energy from a home or business, and will return to clear the environment of negative energy until gone, or will refer to other professionals in this area.


We are in contact with a variety of other professionals (i.e. religious leaders, Demonologists, Wiccans, etc.) and will be glad to refer you to ensure you receive the best response for your needs.

Paranormal Training

Paranormal 101 trainings will be offered to the public, for both education and training for the amateur investigator, and to find and train new members of Flint Hills Paranormal Team. These trainings will include the various equipment used to gather evidence, types of entities, how to obtain good evidence, investigative techniques and safety, as well as other information. These trainings may have a minimal cost depending on the location and materials needed. Call for quotes on group trainings.

Cryptozoology investigations & Research

Cryptozoology means: (Crypto - Hidden) + (zoo - animals) + (ology - study of); or the study of hidden animals. These are animals that have been referred to in tales and lore, but an actual animal has not yet been found. If you see some kind of animal that you are not familiar with, give us a call and we’ll investigate.